Marriage counseling has been an old profession which tries to save a relationship from falling apart by discussion and letting each other know about the things which are bothering them.

In this way, the two people come under the same roof, find a common ground on which the problems are solved so that both the parties are favored by the decision.

Provide more of couple counseling rather than individual therapy.

When the couples talk and say out all the unanswered statement, they can easily figure out the root cause of trouble.

At times at one of the partners suffer from psychological stigma which infects the mind with chronic depression, panic attack and when such things strike, there is an outbreak between the two partners which gets very serious in the end.

It is often overlooked or unnoticed in case of a partner has psychological stigma and for this, a therapist must be smart and educated enough to pin point the underlying cause of such problems.

Once the psychological stigma is discovered, the couple usually understands each other better and the chances of breaking up reduces by atleast 10 times.

It is the job of a marriage counselor to hear closely the conversation of each partner while they keep talking among themselves to find the solution per

Make clear notes while you are listening to them, and once you find discrepancy between the words and action of a partner, there are chances for that person being psychologically affected and needs medical treatment.

A good therapist must also know how to make each other feel more for one another. The couple must be encouraged to stay together, help them find the love they once found and tie the holy knot of marriage.